Ring In The ‘You’ You Are!


Now more than ever, social media is saturated with messages about resolutions and goal setting; messages saying you failed this year, but 2019 will be your year; that you need to lose the weight; or that it is time to start intentionally creating a “better” you.

I don’t know about you, but I start feeling a little stressed out when I hear those messages –  like the PRESSURE IS ON, girl! But why wait for a certain date to start setting those goals and living intentional lives? Why do we place so much focus on “betterment,” instead of being thankful for the strides we’ve made this year? Let’s stop focusing on losing a few inches, and instead focus on gaining more self-love and acceptance! Let’s start eating (physically and spiritually) to fuel our lives, trusting that God’s plan for us is already in the works! Let’s concentrate on setting small, achievable goals for our lives, not just 2019. And most importantly, let’s give ourselves a little grace. There should be no pressure to execute your goals or live your life perfectly. Tackle this year one step at a time and remember that you are not defined by what 2019 holds for you. So before we all toast to 2019 and watch a sparkly ball drop, know that the you (right now in this moment in time) is ENOUGH.

much love.

One thought on “Ring In The ‘You’ You Are!

  1. Thank you for your encouragement, Lauren! The New Year often times comes with self-imposed changes or improvements we feel we need to make. While I agree that goal setting is important, we do need to give ourselves a little grace along the way. Borrowing the words of Lysa Terkeurst, we have to realize that “imperfect progress” is still progress. Thanks for sharing your heart!


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