Four Ways To Ensure Your Resolutions Stick In The New Year

That time of year is upon us. Maybe you are taking the time now to write your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2018. Or maybe not. Maybe you have given up on the yearly tradition of writing all those self-improvement goals on a slip of paper that you know will not last through the end of January. If you have given up on those New Year’s resolutions entirely or are simply just seeking some skills to stick to those goals until the end of the year then fear not; I have four simple ways to help you conquer your New Year’s resolutions like a pro!

1. Be Specific

The more specific the better! I don’t know how many years I have made a goal of living healthier. But what does living healthier really mean? Does it mean not eating that last slice of pie? Does it mean cutting out junk food in its entirety? Or does it mean hitting the gym more often? See how it’s hard to determine what my initial goal really entails? Instead of creating a goal that’s generic and broad, be intentional and specific when creating that list. A better resolution may look something like: cut out junk food with one cheat day a week. Creating a specific goal like this makes it easier to stick to your goals and also helps you accomplish the desired general goal.

2. Limit Your List

There is nothing more overwhelming than a long list of self-improvements. When sitting down to create your specific list of resolutions avoid mindless scribbling. Intentionally choose one to three goals for the New Year. Creating a smaller list of intentional, specific resolutions will leave you feeling less overwhelmed and happier. And they will be easier to tackle too!

3. Create Your Plan of Action

Creating goals for your life is a healthy self-improvement strategy. However, it’s hard to accomplish your goals if you don’t have a plan of action. When creating your specific resolution(s) also jot down some strategies you will use to help you accomplish your goal(s). Lets go back to our previous example. I am going to cut out junk food, allowing myself one cheat day. To do this I will plan out my meals ahead of time, replace the chips for veggies and humus, and eat out only on Fridays (a.k.a. my cheat day). Turning these simple strategies into habits that last will ensure I reach my goal of cutting out junk food for the whole year. In addition, share your resolutions with others; they can help hold you accountable. Also it’s important to reward yourself. Gone a whole month without eating junk food? Reward yourself with a new workout outfit. By creating a plan of action and providing yourself with some incentives, you will tackle those New Year’s resolutions like they’re nothing.

4. Cut Yourself Some Slack

Don’t become obsessed with your resolutions. There may be days you fall short of reaching your goals. Don’t consider it a failure right away. Maybe you bit off a little too much. It’s okay. Take a deep breath and reevaluate your resolution(s) and strategies. For example, instead of planning out my meals ahead of time, replacing the chips for veggies and humus, AND eating out only on Friday’s, I may start with just pitching all the chips for veggies.


I hope these four simple strategies will provide you with some newfound confidence to stick with this year’s resolutions. I would love to hear your New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s keep each other accountable. Much love and a happy New Year!

much love.


2 thoughts on “Four Ways To Ensure Your Resolutions Stick In The New Year

  1. A resolution I have for 2018 is to take better care of myself, but as you state above, “what does that mean?”. I’m following your advice of making my goal more specific and limiting my focus. My focus is to take better care of my skin and get more much-needed sleep. My action plan is to get ready for bed at 9:00 four out of five school nights. This will be a challenge as my current habit is to fall asleep curled up on a chair only to wake up at random times and drag myself up to bed. As I get ready for bed, I plan to cleanse my face removing my makeup (something I rarely, if ever, do!). Before I drift off to sleep, I plan to reflect on the day through prayer. PS: I’m giving myself a “cheat night” (4 out of 5 school nights) in case I want to stay up to watch “This is Us” or have schoolwork to do that can’t wait. Thanks for getting me off to a great start in 2018! ~ Karen

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