About Me

Hello! I’m Lauren Kae! I believe in community, messy buns, and coffee (lots of it)!

Other things I believe in? I believe in being real, relatable, and intentional. I will be sharing when the struggle is a little too real, my insecurities, the ups and downs of life, and other tid-bits.  I also believe in creating community and connection, which is exactly why I created this blog and write.

Aside from writing, I love my two lab pups and GSP, workout attire (especially when I’m not working out), swimming, traveling, taking photos, curling up with a good book, campfires and the sticky s’mores that come with them, rainy days, coffee, fall weather, trail mix (minus the almonds), coffee (did I mention I like coffee?), and hanging with family and friends.

Lauren Kae is designed to be place of encouragement and connection. My prayer is that my writing leaves you feeling something and knowing you’re not alone.

Thanks for stopping by!

much love.