Starting Fresh

To admit defeat is not like me. But today I’ll admit it. I failed.
To admit defeat is not like me. But today I’ll admit it. I failed. Last year around this time, I started this blog. I was excited to share my ideas with others and gain a following. So I set out on my blogging adventure! I had big goals for my blog. I wanted it to be a finalized product that had the perfect theme, the perfect design, the perfect posts, and the perfect following. Oh, and I wanted all of that right away. I started spending money I really didn’t have on various themes and designs. I spent money on things that I said to myself at the time, “I can use this in my post,” but would later never use. As a perfectionist, I started to become so consumed with taking the perfect picture with the perfect lighting and the perfect background. I tried to make my writing sound trendy, instead of staying true to who I am. All of the excitement I had when I created my blog seemed to fade with my ever consuming perfectionism. Then school started, and well yeah, I didn’t really have time to spend on something like this, especially since I didn’t really find that something all that fun anymore. So yes, in a sense I failed. But don’t worry, I am not quite ready to throw up the white flag just yet.

I am starting fresh! My goals are still the same, but I am changing my approach at how I go about achieving those goals. I will be using this blog as an exercise at practicing patience and letting some of my perfectionism go (two things that I definitely struggle with). I still really enjoy writing and sharing my ideas, so I am not giving up just quite yet. This is going to be a learning process as well as an adventure. I am going to take this adventure one step at a time, and I hope that you will join me at tackling this feat.

much love.

2 thoughts on “Starting Fresh

  1. Thanks Lauren! As a fellow perfectionist, I face the same struggles. Sometimes we just need to say to ourselves – “Done is better than perfect!” Your honesty is refreshing – keep writing and sharing!

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